Hi many of you have already set out your goals to achieve for 2016?  Have we ditched "resolutions"...always felt to me like something you absolutely MUST do and putting pressure on ourselves to achieve them, then feeling bad if we didn't achieve them.  Setting goals has a more achievable and realistic feel, or how about an even softer, but still achievable, feel - "setting intentions".  There are various apps around to help you track your progress and be your digital cheerleader to meet your target goals but if, like me, you are more comfortable with the natural approach, then the Bach Flower Remedies offer their natural energetic support.  Here are a few that can help you on your journey to be the best you can be this year and beyond!


If you've tried to stop smoking, lose weight etc over and over again but don't succeed, this remedy helps provide insight as to why we keep repeating the same lifestyle patterns and therefore can help to break unhealthy habits.


Is there something you dislike about yourself, i.e. weight, looks, that has prompted some of your goals/resolutions.  Crab Apple helps us to see things (and ourselves) in perspective and helps stop issues getting out of proportion.


This remedy helps if you become too impatient if you are not attaining your goals as quick as you would like!


For when your goals result in self-repression and self-denial, making you a martyr to yourself.


To help break habits and to help protect you from those people and other ideas that may try and sway you from your ideals.

Not only will the remedies help support you to achieve your goals, they also bring about valuable insights about ourselves, making us feel better about ourselves in general, and you may then wonder why you needed to make goals/resolutions in the first place!

05 January 2016


Truly "Awesome"

reflected trees

Following on from research findings earlier in the year, which found that people are becoming more oblivious to natural sounds such as birdsong, the wind, trees rustling etc (, more recent research highlights the importance of being in natural surroundings which not only help to reduce stress, but also promotes anti-inflammatory effects on the body.  A "sense of awe and wonder" at being in nature, listening to beautiful and uplifting music or looking at awe-inspiring art has been found to be crucial in producing beneficial health effects in the body. Read the full article by Jayney Goddard MSc, FCMA, Lic.LCCH, Dip.ACH, President, The Complementary Medical Association at  

Digital Radio used to broadcast birdsong to fill empty station slots and there was an outcry when it stopped, and if you long to hear birdsong again then try  Being in nature can help reduce stress and help us become more balanced and healthy - physically and mentally - connecting with that vast universe that connects us all.  Social Media and the technology that drives it has its place, but it can draw our awareness away from the wonders of nature to be so fixated on/distracted by/addicted to the digital world that we become like digital cattle...herded towards the next upgrade, the newest gadget...our attention span reduced to less than a nano-second.  Being in nature brings me closer to my own nature....the night sky and the mountains of Scotland have always inspired awe and wonder in me.  An abiding childhood memory is walking home on winter evenings after visiting my Grannies, my parents on either side, me holding their hands with my head turned up towards the sky for most of the journey home, gazing in awe at the stars...even now I still have that sense of wonder.  What invokes awe and wonder in you?

29 June 2015



Myers Briggs Personality Test have been around for a while now, but I happened to stumble upon a Pinterest Board dedicated to some of the Myers Briggs Personality Types and according to my results I am an INFP Type – ‘The Healer’ or ‘The Mediator’.  A very accurate description of my character traits and good to know I’m doing the right kind or work that suits my personality! Here are a couple of links for you to try out the test for yourself:;;;

Also if you, like me, love home décor ideas and inspiration, here’s a lovely blog that has interior design ideas for each of the personality types:

This is not a random post on personality types, however, as there are connections as to how the Bach Flower Remedies can help with the less lovely aspects of our personality (as well as our everyday moods) so keep an eye out for future Blogs giving some insight into the 'type' remedies.

22 March 2015




So many of us place a list of demands and more upon ourselves as each new January begins. We save them up so we tackle them all at once and if we succeed, we can justifiably feel pleased and proud of ourselves for sticking to the resolutions and achieving our desired outcome. Some of us have more will-power than others, while others give up at the first ‘temptation’ to binge on cream cakes, take up smoking again or buy that new handbag. Then comes the problem of keeping to these resolutions throughout the year…special occasions, such as holidays, weddings etc prompt a resurfacing of resolutions and we embark on a continual treadmill of resolve and also guilt if we feel we have let ourselves down. Why do we place such demands upon ourselves? Yes, we want to feel fitter, feel healthier, look better etc etc, and if we wish this for ourselves then great, but if we feel we need to live up to the expectations of others, the media, society, then perhaps we need to take a deeper look at why we feel we need to ‘do’ something or ‘be’ something other than our own true selves. But back to the New Year’s Resolutions….the Bach Remedies not only help us when we are in negative mood or emotional states; they can help support us when we are going through life trying to do more positive things like eating healthier, being more active, not buying unnecessary gadgets or living beyond our means etc. For those who are determined to keep to their resolutions but might need a wee bit of help, then check my Pinterest and Google + pages for some Bach Remedy suggestions. 

See: and

9 January 2015



Over the years, I have received many 'inspirations' (or my 'downloads' as I call them).  I have wondered what to do with them and now that I have a website, I have been inspired to share some of these via my website, Pinterest Pages and Google+ pages.  The other day I came across a notebook where I keep my inspirations and came across one which was inspired in September 2012 by a very bright star which literally had me mesmerised for ages - watching as it danced and darted in the night sky, flashing and twirling with many colours.  With the aid of a 'Starchart' App, I discovered that this bright star is Aldebaran, found in the constellation of Taurus.  You may have noticed it too.  Many of my inspirations contain a spiritual/religious motif, but I, myself, do not follow a particular religion.  So, I offer to you the "Dancing Star......" on my Pinterest Page, please follow this link: